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You know what it is that lights you up and makes you so good at what you do. You know that you’re offering something really special, and that there’s no one else out there doing it quite like you. Getting all that down on paper so that it sounds like you, though? That’s another matter entirely!

Well, that's where I come in.


I’ll work with you to get to the heart of your business, working out which stories of yours to bring to the fore that will give your clients the ‘a HA’ moments of connection with you. The moments that make them realise you and only you are the right person for them. 


This is a collaboration, not a takeover. I’ll write your full website, but the spirit and soul behind every one of those words comes from you. Your passion. Your experience. Your values. 


You’ll receive:


  • An initial discovery call to get to know each other

  • An in-depth brand questionnaire to give me a feel for where you are now, what you stand for and who your ideal clients are

  • Engaging, atmospheric website copy for your full site (up to 8 pages)

  • Two rounds of amends if required


“Using Jen was a massive game-changer for my business. The best part was that after our initial consultation I completely trusted Jen to write in my brand voice in a way that best connected with prospective clients. Jen not only writes the most beautiful copy, perfectly to brief, she is also an absolute pleasure to work with and bounce ideas off of. Jen's copywriting skills go above and beyond those of an extremely experienced editor and author, but spill over into brand management, and I am beyond excited to have her on board for my rebrand project. ​I honestly cannot recommend her services enough!”

Krysta Smith | For The Love Of Weddings