• Jen Feroze

Well Hello There

It’s lovely to see you in this little corner of the Internet. I spend lots of my time blog writing for a range of fabulously talented people, so it’s only right and proper that my new website has a blog of its very own.

Being a copywriter and a blogger for others means I have to be a little bit of a chameleon. (I can’t tell you how much I wish that actual colour-changing abilities came as part of the job!). Writing as someone else’s brand is delicate work, and it’s one of my favourite parts about my job. I love getting to know my clients and the passion they bring to their businesses, and having them put their trust in me to represent their brands in an authentic and true way is an enormous honour. Success for me is marked by stealth: if you can’t spot a Jackdaw piece of writing on a brand’s website or blog, then I’m doing my job right. She says, slinking mysteriously off into the dusk while clutching a martini glass.


But this space right here is where you’ll find me writing without my cloak of invisibility, in my own voice. It’s exciting and strangely nerve wracking. So, what can you expect to see around these parts?

  • Regular writing tips to help you clear those creative blockages and uplevel your content.

  • Q&As with other branding and wedding industry experts.

  • Some behind-the-scenes snippets of life by the sea with a lunatic toddler.

  • A few of my favourite things: from books and music to food and film, I’ll let you in on what I’m loving at the moment. Fair warning, judging by my recent Netflix history it may not all be particularly highbrow.

  • Poetry. Yes, you read that right. This blog is a space to celebrate language; and poetry – the ultimate exercise in playing with words – happens to be my first love. It’s a much maligned and often misunderstood art form, and I’d love to try and de-bunk some of the fear surrounding it. I’ll be sharing pieces from my favourite poets and… gulp… some of my own work.


My online home has been beautifully designed and built by Sarah at Studio Spence. Have a look around and let me know what you think. I’m thrilled to bits with it – in particular with my logo, which conveys exactly the values I want Jackdaw to be known for.

Check back later to find out more about the story of the logo design; the importance of choosing key words for your brand; and some top tips on how to get over the new business overwhelm and get started with building your brand identity.

Come back soon,

Jen x