I’m at my happiest playing with words…


The possibility and the power that language can give your business is something I find endlessly fascinating.


I’m at my happiest playing with words: creating, honing and refining until I find just the right combination to bring a brand fizzing and crackling into life. 

Jackdaw Editorial was my lightbulb moment while on maternity leave in 2016. It brings together my editorial expertise and my passion for the wedding industry. 


I’m an editor by trade, with ten years’ experience in commercial publishing. In that time I’ve written and edited over 100 books (including a Christmas number one bestseller!). My career in publishing has polished that crucial balance between creativity and attention to detail, and has instilled a deep understanding of the importance of a well-stocked biscuit tin.


I got married in 2014. In the process of planning our big day I fell in love with the wedding industry and the talented, driven, supportive people at its heart.  After an 18-month stint as a wedding blogger, and having co-founded colourful styling business The Wedding Spark, I’m consistently amazed by the creativity on display out there in weddingland. 


However, I’ve found that many wedding business owners find all things wordy to be intimidating at best, and loathsome at worst! If this sounds like you, then help is at hand. My copywriting and other editorial services are here to guide you – helping you to tell your story, and create and shape a unique brand voice that shows off your business to its full potential.


Want to find out more about how I could help you and your business? Get in touch, and let’s have a chat.

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More about me:


  • I lived in Lyon for two years while my husband learned how to be a cheesemonger, and am fluent in French. I’m pretty darn good at eating cheese, too. 

  • I’m a prize-winning poet and I dream of one day publishing a collection of my own.

  • You can now find me in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, where I live with my husband Matt and joyously mad toddler, Eleanor. You can see the sea from my bedroom window (if you crick your neck a bit), and if you listen hard on a Sunday you can hear church bells from my kitchen. Both of these things make me happy.

Jen is an absolute artist with words, she worked on refreshing the copy for our website, taking it from being excited and mixed voices to being stylishly enthusiastic! Jen understood our brand and articulated it so much better than we had done before, and I am so thankful for her working her magic on our site.

Amanda Hutchinson | Amanda Karen Photography